The top five ways to get fall semester ready

With all the barbeques by the pool, beachy Snapchat stories and “baecations”  transitioning to buying textbooks, and all the other perks that come with being a college kid, are most likely the least of everyone’s worries right now. However, whether everyone’s ready or not, the fall semester is right around the corner and with it the reality of what lies ahead! But there’s no need to stress about it. Here are five basic tips that will have every student ready for the semester in no time:



  1. Textbooks: Obviously, finding out what books are needed early doesn’t always work out as planned, as things such as syllabi availability and who’s teaching that semester come into play. When that happens, log onto your school’s bookstore website and sign up for textbook availability alerts. Once you enter in your class CRN number along with a few other components, students can sign-up for notifications.
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    Once the textbooks are available, compare and contrast the prices by searching on websites such as Amazon, Chegg, Barnes & Noble and Bookrenter . At that point, there should be a ballpark idea of how much one should expect to spend and save for books this semester. In order to save even more, students might be interested in rental or used options, as websites such as Amazon claims to offer up to 90 percent off on textbooks.

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